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Thomas Ochs


Thomas Ochs
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  • This is a great idea. I suggest that this should be part of the Twine failsafe mode. If it is not heard from in a certain amount of time or if the sensor is not working (someone has cut it), the owner should be alerted in case someone has broken …
  • However, if it is the mag switch from the door to the jamb it will always work when the door is open. I think the the problem Ankush is asking about is the one that I run into when I have any sensor plugged in. It can be easily defeated by simply …
  • Please add battery status to the control panel. That way we can log on to see how our Twines are doing before we take off for a vacation.
  • Is there going to be an option to purchase extra rubber covers for our Twines? If we could then we can fix adhesive velcro to them or attach other options and not have to worry about hurting the rubber covers. I would like to be able to buy a cou…
  • Sean: Thanks. I looked on line and I will be able to get a number of different CTs that I should be able to use as soon as we can do analog inputs (as you pointed out). Some of them are really cheap so this should be a good approach. Thanks for …
  • John: That is a very interesting observation (that the brain is partially in the cloud). Can you expand on that a bit. I am reading that as the logic being in the cloud. Is that what you mean by that or is there a deeper perspective we should b…

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