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Non-penetrating way to attach Twine

The cool part about Twine is the device is a sensor itself (vibration, etc). That implies attachment to something that moves (ie a door). I'd like to do that but I don't want to penetrate my door with a screw. Anyone have success attaching with something non-penetrating that is strong but doesn't impair the surface/finish of where its attached?


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  • Is there going to be an option to purchase extra rubber covers for our Twines? If we could then we can fix adhesive velcro to them or attach other options and not have to worry about hurting the rubber covers. I would like to be able to buy a couple of extra rubber covers and then I could modify them as I needed without a problem.
  • Command strips from 3M works great for lots of things. I use them for all my wireless temp/humidity/CO2 sensors.
  • Adhesive backed industrial Velcro is always a good solution for me
  • I wonder if Staples or other source would have a plastic business card holder that would fit Twine. I tried one but it was not deep enough (front to back) for Twine, but there are different sizes.

    Then, the plastic holder could be fastened to whatever and Twine could be easily removable. I'm sure something could be added so that Twine would not fall out if it were tipped.
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