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Fire rule on connect to wireless network

Obviously, firing on disconnect wouldn't be practical, but (assuming Twine can be connected to more than one network...can it?) it would be nice to fire an event as it connects to known wifi networks, and be able to include the network name and/or fire specific rules for specific networks.

That is, assuming you're like me and would find it interesting to put Twine inside something that travels between known locations.


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  • Yes, I agree that this would be useful. For example, I could put one in my kids car and alert when it connects to home wifi network.
  • Clark- that is a brilliant use! I was going to use Twine with magnetic switch on the door. However what you describe is better yet and will not give me dozens of texts as the door is used normally.
  • That's pretty awesome - will mull over it. And disconnect would also be useful for the admins already monitoring their server room temperature. It's more possible than you think, because Twine's brain is partially in the cloud.
  • John: That is a very interesting observation (that the brain is partially in the cloud). Can you expand on that a bit. I am reading that as the logic being in the cloud. Is that what you mean by that or is there a deeper perspective we should be aware of.
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