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Post Variable Length

Now that you've updated the max URL length (what is the max length btw?), and allowed POST requests;

There still seems to be a rather short maximum POST variable length. I'm trying to use an android service called "" and the minimum variable length necessary to fire off a message (including API key, event, status and description) is 91 characters. But, in 91 characters, that is an event, status and description using 1 character each.

From what I can tell, your variable limitation is 99 characters.

Here is an example minimum POST data:


Also. a bug: When you save a POST request, then return to the webpage, it reverts back to a GET request (although the post data remains hidden in the POST data field).

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  • Sorry I didn't see this sooner. The max URL length is very long now - it'll handle more than some browsers can. You're right, the POST data limit is there, and I'll be addressing that soon. The POST/GET choice bug has been fixed.


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