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Jamie Bradway


Jamie Bradway
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  • Using IFTTT to send data to a Google Spreadsheet has demonstrated how my Twine is gradually losing interest in reporting out: There should be a row for every d…
  • You're right, David. You need to input a whole bunch of rules with Twine as it's set up now. Instead of all possible temperatures, I chose to set up rules for likely temperatures: email me when rising or falling through 62-76 degrees. That's thirty …
  • David, I haven't checked out, but IFTTT ( is a web service that receives input and responds with rules you set up. If This Then That. So, you set up a rule in Twine that says, for instance, email me when the temperature rises abov…
  • Have you tried IFTTT, Michael? I've set up temperature rules in Twine, to email when rising or falling through degrees 62-78. IFTTT could drop the subject line and body of the email into a text file in Dropbox or into a Google spreadsheet. Of cours…
  • Todd, you elude to an issue that may help me out. I'm not a network person. I'm trying to use the Twine at work and have given our network admin the MAC to add to their whitelist. That done, I don't see a network to connect to during "twinesetup". I…

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