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I Need the Twine's MAC... order to allow it to connect to my AP. How do I find it?


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  • I found it. It's on a sticker on top of the wifi module.
  • Thank you for sparing me from having to figure that one out for myself.
  • I'll make a note to add this to our documentation.
  • I wish I had known about the sticker, too, before I installed the batteries, closed up the outer casing (very hard to remove, which I =know= is a good thing), and started the configuration process. I ended up having to disable MAC filtering, go through the Twine setup, then by process of elimination determine which MAC it was. It's probably too difficult to enclose an extra piece of paper in the shipping box that has this info? Or include it in the shipping email notification? I'm wondering if there is something you might be able to do to make knowing the Twine's MAC address easier, without involving a lot of extra work on =your= part or that of the PCB manufacturer? I really have no idea what's possible.
  • Maybe you could display the MAC during the setup process, if the local browser has access to the MAC prior to, or on, the page where it starts looking for local WiFi networks? If MAC filter is on, the local WiFI network won't be shown, so you'd want to have the MAC prior to this stage.
  • Another way to get to the mac address is to run 'arp -a' from a terminal or command prompt once you connect to the ''\||| Twine' network during the setup phase.

    Here is the example output. In this case the Twine's mac is ''e9:00:a2:81:71:4e"

    computer:~ $ arp -a
    ? ( at e9:0:a2:81:71:4e on en1 ifscope [ethernet]
    ? ( at ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff on en1 ifscope [ethernet]
  • Todd, you elude to an issue that may help me out. I'm not a network person. I'm trying to use the Twine at work and have given our network admin the MAC to add to their whitelist. That done, I don't see a network to connect to during "twinesetup". Is there a workaround for getting this connected to the network?

  • No sticker on mine. However, if you "own" your AP, log in to your router's admin section under wireless clients. There should be a screen showing a list of clients name, MAC, etc. Look for the client labeled TWINE and a six digit number (serial#?), a MAC, LAN address, lease time and possibly other items (that's Netgear specific, YMMV)
  • Jamie, sorry I didn't notice your question until now. You might ask your network admin if they have the router/access point configured to broadcast the SSID (Service Set IDentifier). If not, even with the Twine's MAC address in the whitelist, it won't appear when you do the setup.

    If it DOES turn out to be the case that your network admin has the SSID hidden, then not being able to connect to a hidden wifi network is apparently a bug:

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