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Appears to be nonfunctional

Brand new device - just figuring it out. I ordered a moisture sensor so just using the temperature sensor to play around with the device. I set it up to send an email and SMS at 45 degrees. I have batteries in the device and also have it plugged into an AC power supply through the microUSB jack. So I just checked the dashboard and it says that the last report was 91 minutes ago. That surprised me, that the last report would be that long ago. I turned the device over. I unplugged the power supply and plugged in back in. Nothing. The last report stays at 91 minutes and growing. The orientation never updated when I rotated the device. How do you know if this thing is working or DOA?


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  • Jeff -

    Did you install the batteries that came with the package? If so, toss them and start with a new set. The bad battery issue messed up a number of users.

    Regards - Don
  • Check your firmware date. If it's not Nov., ask Supermechanical to email the latest update. I screwed around with my Twine for two weeks till I figured out that was the problem! It was acting as you describe.
  • Yes, I installed the batteries that came in the package. They aren't dead, at least from a voltage measurement. What was the issue with the batteries? When I first set up my Twine, I got a notification in the web browser that I needed a firmware update, however, the next screen said "Error" and that was it and I haven't been prompted since. I already sent the firmware request email. Not a great out of the box experience so far I have to say.
  • I had the same issue.
  • My solution, after frogging around for an hour or so (and getting 1/2 way through the setup guide, and light's blinking indicating no connection) I replaced the batteries.
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