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Twine's MAC address ?

I have wifi with MAC address filtering , how do I know the twine MAC address ?

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  • One option: Install 'Fing' (or some other network scanner) on your iPhone, put your Twine into Setup mode, connect your iPhone to the Twine setup network, then run a scan in Fing. The results will show the IP and Mac address.
  • can open up your Twine, remove the batteries, and remove the circuit board - the Mac address is printed on a sticker. (I'm not suggesting you do this.)
  • Sounds like a good option. Will be interested to hear how Twine works for you!
  • It would be really cool if a label with the MAC address were on the box, or if it were printed on the bit of the board the forms the battery compartment.

    This for me was the only setback in an otherwise very slick and straightfoward setup procedure.


  • Thanks, Patrick

    I found this other way to figure out Twine's MAC address (it works with a MacBook Air, by using the built-in airport utility to scan for network):

    Open a terminal, an log as su

    > ln -s /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport /usr/sbin/airport

    install the batteries and turn down Twine, run

    > airport -s
    (performs a wireless broadcast scan of nearby wireless devices)

    Twine appears as:

    \||| Twine 00:1d:c9:11:xx:xx -45 11 N -- NONE

    Thus here there is the MAC address
  • After adding the MAC address to the wifi router filter file, Twine seems to works OK (I can see it from the web site). Now I will try to program it.
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