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Automatic Firmware-Update

I received my twine yesterday and already knew that a friend of mines twine had a faulty firmware. So i searched for my firmware and after some topics i found out how to check the own version. Some users asked how to get new or just actual firmware and the answer was: "Send a mail to supermechanical and the send you the new firmware". What a chaotic system. Users that dont think of firmware would never get the new version. Why dont supermechanical send new firmware automatically to all twines?

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  • I received a Twine on Monday and it had the October firmware, but within about 24 hours it had automatically updated to the November firmware. (The only issue I had after the update - my static IP settings were wiped, and had to be re-configured.)
  • Twine checks for firmware updates every time you upload a new rule (so to get the latest version, just save your rules, you don't even have to change them, just save them). That works only for the "how the wheels go around" stuff; it seems that low level communications protocols and the like are updated by "push" from Supermechanical, which is why you should report communications problems.
  • I updates the rules almost 50 times within the last two days but im stuck at oct. 31st firmware. I mailed supermechanical on saturday and "christina" wrote me that "david" would send me the new firmware but nothing happened.
  • Mark, that's not how it's "supposed" to work, but perhaps the version of firmware you received is before the automatic update was implemented. In my particular case, it was the communications firmware that needed updating (there are 2 firmware sets; 1) is how the Twine works in the Twine world, those are supposed to be updated with rule updates, and 2) the communications side, which is how the Twine talks to the Internet, and those need to be "push" updated fro the Supermechanical server), and it took a couple of days for that to happen.
    Patience may be needed, especially as we hit the holidays, as the technical staff at Supermechanical is not that large.
  • Mark, BTW, my Twine firmware is Nov. 15, which is definitely the version you should have, as that fixed a number of other (smaller) issues.
  • So if my firmware isn't capable of performing "automatic updates" how can i get them? A friend of mine had to send his twine back because his firmware from Oct. 29th cant be updated, which was confirmed by supermechanical. So i was hopeful that the Oct. 31th software does work properly.
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