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Firmware Version

Can anyone tell me what the latest Version of Firmware is and how to update to it??
Running Oct 31 2012 08.21.10 currently.
Is there a release log?


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  • My twine is at Nov 15, 2012 14:37:27, and I don't think there has been a later release.

    (For those who don't know how to check your current firmware, let your mouse hover over the name of your twine on the dashboard page. If you have a tablet or smartphone, I guess you can't hover.)
  • Thanks Bill - Any idea how you got to Nov 15?? Or did yours ship with Nov 15?
  • No, my twine shipped with an earlier version, but as soon as I completed the setup procedure it automatically downloaded the latest version.

    The support guys have been hinting that a new release is imminent.
  • I'm also on the Oct 31st firmware. I've been adding and deleting rules but I'm not seeing a firmware upgrade. I'm using Firefox (if that matters).
  • mmmm, I'll leave my Twine powered up and see what happens - been through the setup procedure 3 times now and cant get it to update the firmware - wondered if there was a "trick"
  • I should clarify - I'm saving the rules between adding and deleting them. The firmware upgrade is supposed to happen when rules are saved, but this isn't happening for me.
  • Thanks Peter - I've tried Chrome, Firefox - Rules addition seems to be a slightly "random" process - it would be nice to have a feedback loop on the site so you caould see if the rule had been accepted and applied. I've added and deleted several rules but no Firmware Update. Have sent direct Email to support to see if there is a backdoor update route.
  • I wonder if support has suspended the automatic updates in lieu of the one they are working on now. Just a guess.
  • Mine still show Oct 3 2012, anyway to get an update. I have saved rules after the November date and still no update.
  • Mine has been running now for around 48 hours and finally is at Nov 15 F'Ware - will see if that makes a difference to responsiveness etc
  • Just been through my inbox - my email regarding "how to update Firmware" to support was answered by them forcing an update to my TWINE overnight...... SO if you are at below NOV 15th then send a request in I guess
  • Wow, it looks like the updates are being done by request only. I've been told I'll get my update later today. I wonder why the updates are being done this way (by request), and not just pushed to all Twines?
  • Yeah, that's strange. I'm still on Oct 31 2012 08.21 too. I received my Twine Tuesday night.
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