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Schematics / Datasheets


Is there a Schematic available for Twine? I'd like to save time by using your source documentation rather than do a tear down and create my own document.

Having this info will help me understand the fundamental capabilities of the design and allow me to think of experiments where this will be useful and potentially tweak some of the settings so I can make my experiments more intricate.

Thank you!



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  • The datasheet for the microcontroller, ST-STM32F100C8, is here. The Wifi card/module is a GainSpan GS1011MIP, datasheet here. There is also a little chunk of main memory. I will try to put together a diagram. I really wish this had come with an API or open source software.
  • Thanks Chris!

    I've got those data sheets already... memory datasheet here.

    I'm was looking for the .pdf or Altium/OrCAD/DxDesigner schematics of the unit so I can look at the design and see how to modify it for my personal use ;)

    HW designer by day, Quantified Self enthusiast/organizer and more all the time!

    PS - how did you make the active text in your post - is there a nice editor for this forum or do I have to keep writing HTML?
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