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When will we receive an update that will integrate the vibration sensing mode?


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  • I agree. I see on the website to acquire a Twine, that vibration is shown on the webpage. I just got mine 3 days ago, but mine does not have vibration as an option.
  • +1 ... this was the specific reason for me to buy mine.
  • I received my Twine earlier today and I have to admit that I expected more, however most of the issues I have seen are software based and not hardware.

    As has quite rightly been pointed out already, the guys wanted to get the hardware into our hands as early as possible which they've done.

    They have also made several open refs to things they need to add, fix, change etc so let's give them a chance to sort things now that we have the hardware, I'm sure that they'll make good on their promises.

    Let's keep the conversations as constructive as possible, it can only help us all to get what we want from Twine.

    Just my 2p worth :)
  • I was hoping for an official reply from the twine rep, but there has been no communications from them in over 3 weeks. This project is doomed.
  • Don't be a doomsayer... The Twine guys said that they have some feature to finish, but wanted to get the product out for all us enthusiasts. They know this needs to get done.
  • there is no communication during holidays not even support for the twine server
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