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Rechargeable batteries

I installed rechargeable batteries in my Twine and it registers 2.5V. After a few hours I received a "low battery" warning email. Is it possible to change the battery type to handle NiHh batteries correctly? This seems like an oversight given the rate at which the device consumes batteries.


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  • Often rechargeable are lower voltage (1.2-1.3) than their alkaline counterparts (at 1.5) and twine likely has a voltage threshold for operation around the 2.5 volt mark as much below it may not be able to work/function. The twine is rated for several months of use on a set of alkaline batteries.
  • I installed the provided batteries and a day later received a low battery message. Replaced with rechargables and the second day received a low battery message, but left them in place. The Twine is merely reporting outside temp, but has continued to so so for two weeks. Perhaps the threshold is set too high?
  • Alan, good point. I'm leaving my rechargables in my Twine and I'll see how low they can go. I haven't received further "low battery" emails.
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