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How often does Twine communicate when in Power Saving mode?

I appears to go into battery-saving phase naturally. I am setting it up with the mag switch on our front door. This will tell me when the kids are home from school.

However in my testing the Twine is taking several minutes between reports. This makes me wonder if Twine might miss the door opening and closing?

Please advise on how to adjust Twine appropriately for this and many thanks for an AWESOME product!


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  • Jarrod & frjps

    The Twine is a new type of product that has never existed before, it is a product still in development and as such there will always be teething issues. While you may be experiencing issues, i hope you will persevere and work with the guys at Super Mechanical to identify the issue which is particular to your Twine\wireless router, the end result is that we all benefit and get a better product.
  • My twine just goes into power saving mode and never seems to wake up again. The only way that I can seem to get it working again, is by removing the batteries and placing them back into the device. There is a post in the support section in regards to this issue:
  • Giving up on the Twine experiment. Sorry to say, I really wanted it to work. That is the risk with early adopters...

    My Twine goes into power saving mode no matter what I do. I have spent the last two nights debugging the problem with no resolution...tried everything.

    Best of Luck all....
  • I'm with you, Jarrod. Very disappointing product to say the least. Too bad we spent money & waited so long for it to arrive.
  • Right now mine seems to be waking up approximately once a day without my doing anything, but then it goes to sleep for the rest of the day. That's not going to work for me, obviously. Sounds like others are having the same or similar issues, but we can no longer see each other's postings in the "help" forum so I didn't know until I saw this recent post.

    I am happy to keep working with Twine to solve it, but not at the pace that my conversation with them is going (one response every few days).
  • Having the same problem also
  • When I monitor the web site, it looks like my Twine is updating every 45 seconds or so. I have a rule that runs when the orientation is changes to "top". I have the rule turn the LED on (this is great for troubleshooting) and send me an email.

    When I change the orientation to up:
    1. The LED lights up almost immediately
    2. The web site status is updated within 5 seconds
    3. I receive an email within 10 seconds

    So this is working well for me. The difference may be our routers. I'm pretty close to my router and I'm using WEP security with SSID broadcast. What is your router setup? Maybe there's a common theme?
  • I can confirm that it seems to go "dead" and does not even send notifications with regard to the rule set that has been set at some point. I have to wake up my Twine by turning it over. Considering that I want to monitor things without actually handling the device makes it pretty useless to me.
  • Anyone having weird sleeping style issues (the TWINE, not yourself), should request a firmware upgrade. It sorted mine out. You should be on Nov 15 firmware. To get the upgrade you need to email and ask for it currently.
  • ....don't get me started!
  • As Gary said, it's a new product, in its infancy. There are incredible hurdles to go through with something like this. Give them some time to get it right. Have a think about children learning to walk, operating systems in computers constantly getting updates, or how long it's taken to build a reliable car that you like. It takes little mistakes, development and corrections to get it right.

    But none of this means the product or the makers are a failure! They've done, and are doing a good job of supporting this device to people all over the globe, it's not as easy as you may think.

    Remember what you paid for too, you backed the concept and development of this product, which is exactly what they're doing right now. It must be frustrating and disappointing to the TWINE crew to constantly see a few people saying they've failed, when they haven't.
  • This is not an entirely new product that has never existed. I worked at a company called New Dimension Software. They had a rules based event management product that did pretty much exactly what this does - detect state change and do something. They need to look into patent infringement. The product was called Control-O/PC and then later Control-M/Links. It is now owned by BMC Software.
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