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USB power versus batteries

I notice that when Twine is plugged into a wall charger the voltage shown on the Twine web site drops about 0.15v. On mine, it shows 2.80v on batteries, and 2.65v on charger. I wouldn't have expected that, but it may be due to
twine's internal regulation of the 5v from the charger. Anyway, it's one way to tell if Twine is plugged in.


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  • And further to this point, if there is a way to tell when Twine is on USB power, would it be possible to switch to more frequent reporting intervals, since saving battery power is no longer a requirement?
  • I just checked my Twine which is currently powered via a USB charger and has a fresh set of AAAs, and the voltage is 2.76V, so in my case at least it seems tough to tell whether it's running on power or on batteries. It would be nice if that could be added as another sensor rule - when USB power is off then send email/text/etc. I'm using my Twine to monitor a sump pump in my house, and that pump is never going to run in the event of a power failure so it would be great to get an alert when that happens.
  • That's a great suggestion Bill.
  • I had suggested in the hardware forum of optionally providing a 9volt to USB connection; either a short cable between the typical 9 volt battery with the male USB at the end, or perhaps a plastic shell you would insert the battery into, with the USB built right into the end. Although looking at the Twine sitting on my desk right now, the USB would have to be offset to allow connection to the cable connection hole.
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