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2 years in from KS & over a year since unit in hand - Promised analog ever coming to breakout board?

Is Analog support *ever* coming?

From the original KS: "breakout board --- provides analog or digital input, power and ground
(allows you to easily wire up other sensors that you think up — no
soldering required!)"

From the store website for over a year: "Connect the Twine breakout board to your Twine's external sensor port
and instantly get the ability to measure anything with your own digital
input (analog coming soon)."

Really, this was *the* biggest reason I bought the twine. Everything else I can do thru existing arduinos and such, but I KS'd this because the analog functionality was going to make it useful. As it is, it's been floating around my house for a year as I try to find anything serious to use it for to recoup my costs.


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  • So, another quarter goes by, another product selling like mad, any thought to fulfilling the promises of the original product? Or no analog support because then we wouldn't buy the range?
  • I asked the @supermechanical twitter account about this and a few other features yesterday. While they answered my other questions, they didn't say anything about analog support for the breakout board. Not very re-assuring :/
  • They've ignored me on twitter for a year now, and I've got a support ticket open about this item and they won't even answer me there privately.
  • "We aren't going to be adding analog support for Twine. We'd love to do
    so, but we’re a small team with limited time and resources so we have to
    pick and choose what to develop."
  • They removed analog info from the store website and lowered the price but they are not offering refunds to those who purchased the breakout boards when analog support was promised.
  • Yeah the twine has been shelved. I think you need their TS to keep them working, are they still supporting?
  • The team is shrinking because the business model or lack of it is failing or failed. You see they are charging for text messaging although it's free why is there a charge? Incidentally my twine is reporting temp change once every few days via text when it originally flooded me with temp fluctuation as coded when I first got it. I was one of the original backers through kickstarter.
  • Yes your are so right. I suggested they make a blue tooth connection so all the devices can be used at one time instead of buying 5 twines. There ears went dead. And so did their sales.
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