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Rule Packs

Is there any way to export and import rules? For example, if I want 10 Twines to have the same rules (or slight variations), is there an easy way to do that?

More precisely, I'd like the ability to arbitrarily move Twines from location to location for spot-monitoring, and just make it a button-click to load up the correct rule set for the location.


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  • Coming soon. Sooner if you order those 10 Twines. :)
  • There's a couple of roadblocks - multi-sensor, reporting every N minutes, etc. Just a few twines for testing purposes right now, but we love data streams that are compatible with our API right out of the box. So the Twine is rating pretty high on our list right now.
  • Perko, Perko... ah, I remember you. We were going to try to get together way back when we were young and foolish. Well, if you're ever in Austin.

    We'll keep working toward what you need. What are the sensors you'd need in a multi-sensor solution?
  • I'd like both temperature and vibration sensors on one twine with the ability to write rules that employ both sensors.

    One application for this will be to monitor the bubbler system that protects my dock in winter. I need to know when the temp is below the target, then whether the pump is working once the target temp has been reached for several minutes.

    Could also use multiple moisture sensors on one twine to monitor a remote apartment for leaks. If any one sensor is wet, I need to know. But if both or more than one I need to know NOW.

    Could also use temperature and humidity sensors on one twine to remotely monitor environment of an object remotely.
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