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2 day battery life

Hello, I've tried all kinds of batteries.  I have strong wifi.  I only have one rule that uses the mag switch, yet I go through batteries in 2 days.  Any ideas?


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  • Is your Twine spending a lot of time in fast mode? That will drain the batteries quickly. Send us an email at help at and we can do some more troubleshooting.
  • No, it's not spending time in fast mode.  The batteries are now completely dead - this time, right around 2 days of life.   Let's troubleshoot.

    I'm putting in new batteries right now.  I'll also send an email right now.
  • Just sent an email to help at
  • I'm also seeing 2-3 days before getting a notification of low battery power. 

    I have one orientation rule and one vibration rule. I could see either one using more power than some things. But it's a long ways off the potential battery life. 
  • Twine in slow mode - batteries lasted about 2 weeks.  Maybe a fix?  I see the LED flashing a lot (with full battery) and less than 10 notifications sent.  BTW: It may not be obvious by my initial posting... I think 2 weeks is a problem.  Possibly turn down the WiFi activity unless posting is needed.
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