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Alarm for when a sensor is removed

Email if the mag switch is removed/disconnected.

Just incase I use twine as my new security system.


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  • I am building a house 62 miles away.  I have a video security system I can look at whenever I think to (potty breaks mostly), but my intent is to set my Twine on a $20 bill on the table.  If someone breaks in, I expect the bill to go into their pocket pretty quickly: triggering the vibration rule, & sending me a message to look at the security system & call the cops.  Anybody have a better way to employ it then just setting on the 20?
  • I have a rule that triggers an SMS if the orientation sensor changes from Front (which is how I have it mounted on my door). I guess you're asking if someone unplugs the MagSwitch sensor it should send a message. I agree that there should be a trigger for "Configuration Changed"
  • But if it is mounted on your front door, it will never change side. Moving it side to side does not change the orientation as far as the Twine is concerned -- it still has the same side down.

    Unless it's a trap door. Then it would work.
  • However, if it is the mag switch from the door to the jamb it will always work when the door is open. I think the the problem Ankush is asking about is the one that I run into when I have any sensor plugged in. It can be easily defeated by simply unplugging or cutting the sensor line. There should be a rule for "plugged in" or "unplugged" that indicates the sensor has been disconnected. If we don't have that then anyone breaking into a door with the mag sensor will just be able to cut the cable and continue in.
  • I actually think the $20 bill idea is pretty elegant. Variations might be balancing the twine on its side on top of your stereo or propped on the door to your liquor cabinet.
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