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Can someone build a simple iPhone app so we can monitor twine status from the iPhone

it would be nice if someone had an app. My friend works at Telerik and i think Icenium would be the way to go that way you can have the same app on all the devices. Let me know if you are interested, i think i can get you a free dev copy. send me an email to

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  • 1. Just use a browser for now.
    2. You can use Prowl. Look for them at

    With Prowl, you can create a web app (or other) and use their API to push to your iphone. Pretty nice. I get alerts through Iphone Notifications with specific messages depending on my twine rules. Dont mean to take away Christian's thunder, just listing other options.
  • I would love an iPhone app! Email and sms are great ways to receive status updates, but an app that would allow realtime changes would be better.
  • Christian, How are you getting the alert from the Twine?
  • It's pretty simple.
    Once you download my ios app you have to create an account with my app. The, you visit my website, login, and you get a simple URL builder (image: )

    Then on the twine Site you create a rule with an HTTP request and paste the URL. (Image: )
  • I'll second prowl. While I haven't yet tried using prowl with twine, I use prowl with growl on the PC and mac, to get various push notifications on my iPhone and iPad. It's very nice.
  • Hi Christian,
    Nice service. So, when are you publishing the app? I'd give you a couple of quid for it :) It's not going to be a huge market but might pay for beer money :)
  • Now have dashboard working on iPhone Safari - good for viewing Twine data, but I wouldn't want to use it to program rules. So, an iPhone app would be nice.
  • On iOS, if you bookmark and send it to your home screen, you get a nice icon and the site works in full screen - not bad. The page itself could use some iOS (especially iphone/ipod) specific layout work.
  • Use IFTTT and trigger a text message. Easy.
  • An Android app for us non iOS followers as well!!!
  • Okay guys, here is the thing I have been working for months trying to manage the push notification server and develop the app. However, Apple decided that they would not approve my app for the App Store because there are a limited number of Twines out there and they don't think it would bring Benefit to the App Store.

    So, there will be no iPhone app until Apple decided to stop rejecting apps because they can or because they don't like it.

    I was also planning on releasing an Android app, that may still happen.

    Sorry to disappoint you.
  • Hi Christian

    you can still use TestFlight to roll out your app

  • Jeremie KLEIN 

    Test flight just allows you to manage testers, it is not an alternative for the App Store. There is nothing TestFlight really provides that I cannot do on my own.
  • +1 for an Android app.
  • I have tried Safari on iPhone, so far, have not made it work.
  • I am confused why an app would be any better than having the ability to use a browser. Especially when (as I understand) the server source will be available so we can make it better.

    I understand that a large number of iphone users are accustomed to having apple think for them and a software app tailored to each end application so they can pay apple more money. But, in reality; if the server code can be modified and a browser used then the phone needs to have no additional resources consumed (like installing a dedicated application to do as the browser already can). Also, the code can be made more general and run on the server.

    The real solution is to get the server code available so that it can be updated/improved by more than the limited resources at supermechanical (in the usual open source/FSF manner).
  • I believe the answer lies in efficiency. A browser requires a lot of code to be loaded, and large pages to be downloaded after a URL is typed in. Depending on Internet connections the time it takes can be quite variable, and the amount of page data transferred is probably many times the amount of twine/rule data necessary to answer the user's inquiry.

    A dedicated app is smaller and contains the screen formats to be displayed, so it will load much more quickly and only download the few bytes of data necessary to show the desired result. You'll get your answer quicker and the data transfer cost will benefit anyone on a limited data plan.

    As for paying Apple or Android, thousands of helpful coders are more than willing to share their apps for free. And if they ask for a donation, then the money is well spent.
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