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Need Help On Using iPhone Hotspot as an WAP

Has anyone tried to tether to a smart phone? Trying to tether to an iPhone and cannot get a connection, any suggestions? 


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  • Thanks Byron for the feedback. I've tried everything but can't determine if it is a twine or an iphone issue. I too have no issue with tethering my laptop, ipad, etc. but just can't get the twine too. For me this is important but I know they are busy, maybe they'll get to it if they get some free time? I'm sure it can't be to difficult to fix.

  • has anyone solved this?
  • I'm having the same issue. network setup completes, but twine won't connect to my phone. Other devices (laptop, iPad, etc) have no trouble. Network is up, and has connection to the internet (posting this from laptop via tether)
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