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Can I get my mac address?

I need my twine's mac address. Is there a way to get it? It is possible to display the mac address on the dashboard?


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  • You can find your Twine's MAC address on a sticker under the hard outer case of your Twine.
  • Did this just start getting added to 'later' twines? I had to get mine from my network; my twine (I was a kickstarter backer) has nothing on the case (and it's been sitting at my bench/desk since I received it, so it wouldn't have lost a sticker thru sliding the sleeve on/off). It wasn't an issue, and I'm glad they're stickered now, I just wasn't sure if that was standard or 'came later'. Might help for folks who come along later to see this in the future if there's a known # that went out sans sticker & are confused (and can't just pull a mac-address table off their switch like I could).

  • I also would like to see the MAC address on the dashboard, because like Sean I'm one of the kickstarter backers and I didn't have a sticker when I got my twine.
  • I had to pull the boards out of the white cases to find the MAC address for my two new Twine units.  The stickers are on the modem chips.
  • The MAC address printed on the modem isn't what's showing up on my Airport. 
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