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Vibration readings?

According to the website "Right out of the box, Twine has an internal temperature sensor and accelerometer for vibration and orientation detection."

The raw accelerometer output is the primary reason I backed/ordered a Twine. If I want to know if a door is being knocked on or opened or if a dryer is active or not the orientation output doesn't help much.

Ideally I want to be able to subscribe to an API endpoint that will stream accelerometer values. Is there a way to access this information today?


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  • Any news on Vibration sensing? The comment above says 'It'll be pushed to your Twine in a few weeks' but that status was backin November and it is now almost February

    The main reasons for me getting a Twine was Vibration sensing and the ability to send SMS messages to my iPhone.

    Unfortunately neither of those options have bore fruit. The vibration sensing because of the delay and SMS because we were not reliably informed that there are very few providers that provide this functionality

    I had high hopes for Twine and I have been left with a bitter taste in my mouth


  • I see I have the vibration slider on the Rules page, but there is no vibration condition in the drop-down in the rules.

    Am I missing something?

    So how do I say "If the vibration is over X then send an email"?
  • And my firmware still says "Nov 15 2012", even though I've saved my rules several times.
  • Andy, 
    The Nov. 15 won't change.  Your Twine has 2 firmwares, Nov. 15 is the radio firmware.  Today's update was an arm update.  It will show up as 1.2. It looks like it hasn't taken to your Twine yet.  

  • Aha! It's working now. Great stuff.
  • Vibration sensing is now active; repush your rules, folks :) Great example at (but really, the MAGNET should have been on the lid (moving part) to prevent ping/strain on the cable which you see running across the lid *cough/pedantic tinkerer*
  • So I'm wondering if I want to add a rule saying "I think that might have been an earthquake" any notion how severe it would have to be for the vibration sensor to pick it up?  I'm in Oakland...
  • I have it on slow reporting, and as a result, it seems that it doesn't ever detect the vibration.  Not that useful, again.
  • Ian, we're working on vibration now - it'll be pushed to your Twine in a few weeks. We needed more time to get it right, and didn't want to hold up shipment.
    API is a little further out, but we're working on that, too.
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