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Update 1/18/2013

Hi All, 

We’ve got a few updates coming to your Twines, and we wanted to give you all a heads up of what you can expect soon. We’re sorry for the extended silence. We intended for the community forum to be a place for you all to share your ideas and thoughts without interference from us, but we have been listening, and from your comments we’ve realized that we do need to play a bigger role. In the past, communications have been spread among us all, but it will now be my main job. You can expect more regular updates here in the future about what we’re up to and what improvements we’re working on, and I’ll be checking in a few times a day, but the best way to get your questions answered is to email us at 

 Right now, we’re working hard on several things, but our priorities are the vibration sensor and improved battery life. Vibration is currently in beta testing and will be released in 2 weeks, along with small power consumption improvements. This will be firmware v1.2. Here’s a preview of what it will look like on your dashboard:

 Bigger power consumption gains are in development. In the meantime, you can use lithium batteries to get the most out of battery life (or power your Twine via micro USB). You can also get better battery life if your Twine is closer to your router; it's less work for Twine's radio. 

 We’re still solving a Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion bug. If you aren’t getting notifications from Celsius rules, set your Twine to Fahrenheit while we fix it. 

We’re busy making Twine meet and exceed your expectations. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for these updates, and we appreciate your support as Twine grows. 

 Christina & Supermechanical


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  • The update will save to your Twine when you save your rules. We'll post when the update is released so you'll know it's ready for you!

  • Thanks for the update, Christina.  Looking forward to getting the updated firmware and kicking the tires.
  • Really glad to have someone to be responsive. Please keep reading and help us through these many questions.
  • Will the firmware update download to my Twine automatically?
  • That's a good question! How does it work with the updates?
  • Please give us a timeline on fixing the networking issues and on rule firing issues (for which the best debugging mechanism would seem to be some sort of a log keeper that gives us the complete state of the twine along with which rules you think have fired so that we can try to determine if the problem is at your end or with the phone/messaging services).
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    Use the HTTP get request to trap the trigger and log when things happen.   

    If I get a chance, maybe I can set up my server to listen and then log twine actions and then make it so if you key in your twine ID, you can see the log of things.   I'll start a thread with it and update this thread when I do.

    Edit:  I think the twine doesnt pass it's unique key with the GET request, so you might manually have to set a unique identifier.  
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    Here's a web site I created to log your twine's GET requests and view them as a log.  I created this so people can test their twine GET requests and log triggers.   

    By attaching a GET request to your existing trigger, you can look at the GET log on my site to see if your rule triggered.  

    Example.  Send me mail when temp is over 72 degrees.    (But I'm not receiving the mail)

    Adding the GET request to this will log it on my site.   You can see when twine said the rule ran then look at the log.  If it's logged, and you didnt receive mail, you can assume the trigger worked but there is an issue with the mail being sent or received.

    See this thread:   
  • I wish you would address other bugs instead of just hiding them under the bed! Can not use Twine  for notifications because my phone is filled with TXT messages once the device falls under the set point.
    See my other posts! This is a bug that should have ben fixed several Revs ago.
  • William, 
    That is something that was fixed a while ago.  Save your rules for the update.  Email us at if it keeps happening.
  • Thanks, these sound like a great step towards what we were promised.  I look forward to giving my Twine a try again when these are released.
  • Christina, when you say " Save your rules for the update"... 
    Is there a way to save rules?  (i.e. save them on the host computer or the twine account - not download them to the twine).  I thought that was another missing feature you were still working on.
  • In your blog, you state: Under “Your Twines” you’ll see a link to “Upgrade to 2.0 firmware”

    However, there is no "Your Twines"  so presumably you mean: "Twines" However there is no link with "Upgrade to 2.0 firmware"

    What next?

  • It's under "Your Twines" on the account page. Sorry about that, we'll make it more clear.
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