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Customer Communications

I suspect that there are a lot of Twine customers like me out there that are very frustrated that they are not able to do the useful things they planned with their Twine because of it's many deficiencies: battery life, lack of real SMS, software, etc.

I've shut mine off and come back occasionally to the forums to see if there has been some progress made that might make my Twine useful to me. However I have to dig through responses to lots of questions and it hasn't been worth the time. There isn't even any one place to find out if new firmware has been released and what it does. Frankly I've just about given up on Supermechanical and it just isn't worth the effort of going through the forums message by message.

Wouldn't it be great if Supermechanical could email or post a monthly update on their status in resolving these issues? It might at least give us a sense that someone is there who is working to resolve these issues and when we might expect them to be resolved or not. What do you all think?


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  • I am surprised that there is so little interaction between the users of this forum and the Twine developers. I see lots of questions posted here and very few responses from Supermechanical. Lots of users seem to believe that great things are in the works and should be here 'real soon'.

    I am still waiting for the things that were promised or some documentation that shows that progress is being made. My Twine is back in the box -- waiting for a sign of life at Supermechanical.
  • I agree. I too am feeling very frustrated, and most of those frustrations could be handled with regular communications that indicate which problems they have put on their priority list, in what order they are working on them, and how long they expect it all to take.

    Since mine basically doesn't work, and won't unless they fix the networking issue, the fact that I am getting responses about other issues, and that they are about to release vibration sensing, doesn't do anything to stem my frustration.
  • check my post titled "FAIL"
    I had said all of the above before.
  • I too, feel like the rest of you. Back in the box, and will check the forums from time to time, and move on to other things...

  • Poor network performance, poor battery life and unreliable triggers - makes me wonder if that is all they could come up with after one year and half a million dollars. That and no communication makes me think they abandoned the project.
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