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Pebble Integration

Now that a firm release date has been set for the Pebble Smartwatch it would be good to find out the planned integration between Twine and Pebble and what we will be able to do.

I am thinking a good one will be vibration sensing so for example If you are in the garden and somebody knocks your door your Pepple will notify you

People's thoughts for other useful ideas

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  • Pebble channel on will help with that.

    I'm in the same boat. I'm going to try to create an android app to get your twine data from the JSON service. Support told me I can use the URLs programmatically but said they will change in the future because they are going to expand the service.

    Meaning they are going to be enhancing things, hopefully for programmatic access.

    This is a big commitment on my end, but I'm going to try to do it. The android app is the hardest part as I've not done a lot in that platform, but it should be something I can do. It's all about free time though.

    I want to set up a web service that you can point your twine at with it's get call. Once I have that logged in my web service, I can do more with it, like push to an android app, which can notify twine. Likewise the android app will show you your twine stuff from the last cached pull, and you can (I think) force the twine server to poll your device.

    Just doing this for myself for fun. I only have 1 twine so cant say how it will work with multi-twine users, but I figure it can be a fun programming project.


  • based on how supermechanical has responded to user's concerns, I wouldn't hold my breath for an firmware update
  • are you serious this device still has to be hard wired to its breakout board have they heard of bluetooth. if you want to use it as a water sensor motion and temp in diffetent locations are not possible unless you buy more twines one for each function
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