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twine cannot maintain connection

I get all the way through the setup, it connects to home wifi fine, setup tells me to turn it over then reconnect computer to home wifi, which I do, and lo-and-behold the twine dashboard cannot identify any connected twine.

the twine then seems to have entered an inactive phase where it won't try to connect to the network, won't reenter setup mode, etc. I just have to remove batteries and start again.....which is pointless, I have gone through this process many times now....very flaky device.....and not enough online support info. annoying.....

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  • I had the same problem; I emailed Customer Support and they said they saw it on their servers and "added it" to my account; and it was then visible to me.
    Don't know why it wasn't doing this automatically, but might be worth a try...
  • Hi mines working now email customer support and they said it was connected and added it to my account.
    logged in and now its running to a degree!
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    Same issue for me... customer support had to manually add it to my account.
  • be worth checking the firmware as well you have to request an update for that. Not sure why they don't do it for you when they see it appear on the server.


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