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SI units

Old English units are a tad hard for me to grasp.
Could you please have an option for SI units eg. Celsius.

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  • And in Rules, clicking on F will toggle to C, which will also change the dashboard display to C
  • +1 for SI units... I log in to the twine from multiple machines and it keeps mucking the rules around..
  • to me it seems that this "switch" is stored locally (cookie?) im my browser. when logging in from another machine the dashboard shows farenheit again.

    and! when using temperature as a parameter for http requests it is sent as farenheit, no matter what my dashboard is set to. neither does the "when" switch to celsius make any difference. when temp falls under 0 centigrade, send me an email containing the farenheit value. great...
  • There is some sort of bug with the temperature rules.
    If I use C the rule works for "raises" but not for "falls" it seems that instead of using C uses F all the time.
    I would recommend using internally SI units and local cookies for the conversion to F and not the other way (remember the crash of the "Mars climate orbiter" due to the use of Imperial units on its software)
  • Only having farenheit is not really usefull to people outside the US. Please standardise on SI or at last make it configurable in the device.
  • Temperature measurement - a simple need made complex and difficult by two different standards.

    For what it's worth, even though Celsius may be a more commonly used scale, Fahrenheit is a more precise mode in twine's rules because 1 degree F is smaller than 1 degree C, and twine does not report fractional values. So using Fahrenheit internally allows better precision, but users should still be able to display results in Celsius if desired. (Note: precise ≠ accurate)
  • If you need to be more precise you'll want digits after the decimal point in the rules.
    Given that the sensor is accurate enough (see also note above)
  • I find that no Centigrade-based rule works reliably; only Fahrenheit...
  • I wonder if the temperature sensor inside twine report F or C ;-)
  • Fahrenheit as the default? Seriously? I thought you Supermechanical guys were engineers. :)

    Celsius would be right for 195 of the world's nations, but instead we get a "standard" used by the United States, Belize and Palau. Yeesh.
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