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Magnet Sensor Setup Details?

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My first Twine arrived this morning.

I got the orientation triggers working relatively quickly...

Are there any pictures or videos of successful Twine magnet sensor setups? I want to try the most obvious use of testing for the opening/closing of a door.

I have my Twine setup and connected.
I have my magswitch in it's box.
I have my tiny magnet it the box as well.

The magnet has double-sided sticky tape behind it. I assume I would stick this magnet on to the back of the door near the frame.

My understanding is that I would need to stick the magswitch sensor on to my door frame right next to the magnet, requiring more double-sided sticky tape or screwing it in to the door. I then run the included sensor cable from the magswitch to the Twine. I assume I would also stick the Twine to the wall near the door frame... with more double-sided sticky tape or such.

I assume I can then set up my twine to react when the magnet moves away from, or towards, the mag switch due to the opening and closing of the door.

Before I start sticking elements to my door and wall I would prefer to see an actual working setup... somewhere...



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  • Here is a link to a few pics we took when we installed our twine @ work to be used as the cleaning lady notification system -
  • You have it figured out pretty well. Mounting the twine can be done using the hole in its case, and someone figured out how to thread a coated wire through holes in the white plastic box to make a hanger loop. Double stick tape may not work well with the rubber sleeve, but you could put the twine in a bag or bigger box which may be easier to adhere tape to. There's no single right way to do it.

    There are many solutions for mounting magnets, and remember that the stronger the magnet the further it can be from the sensor. Hardware and building supply stores will have low cost security parts such as magnets and magnetic switches. If you also have the breakout board you can connect a window/door alarm switch to it, too. Larger magnets with mounting brackets are available for garage doors and more commercial applications. Links to some of these are in previous posts, so it helps to look for them.

    I suggest you use the search facility to weed out the various ideas already discussed here. Just search on "magnet" and you will find out a lot in a hurry.

    Tip: In these discussions active links in the posts are not highlighted until your mouse hovers over them, so you have to watch for them. Sometimes it will be a URL and other times it's just a word that is clickable.
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