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Just checking in, reporting my Twine plans

Just dropping a line here to a) say hi and b) report my plans for my newly-obtained Twine.

After a fire/smoke scare at my apartment last year (thanks, idiot neighbor) I got to wondering why there aren't any smoke detectors on the market capable of email/SMS/tweeting when they go off. Some googling on this basically turned up nothing. Some folks I spoke to swear these exist in China, but I've been unable to locate any so far.

So: the plan is to

a) Cannibalize an existing smoke detector
b) Measure the voltage inbound to its piezo alarm when it goes off
c) Hit radio shack for whatever I need to interface that with the Twine breakout
d) Add another 2 x AAA's in parallel

... and a rule that Tweets me: THE ROOF, THE ROOF, THE ROOF IS ON FIRE if the smoke alarm ever goes off.

standard disclaimer: yeah I know, not using this for safety/critical uses, etc. Just an easy first experiment for my twine.


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