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Moisture sensor, how water proof?

Can the entire sensor get wet? I want to use this sensor as a sump pump failure alert, can i lay it flat on the floor? or must I only let the two tips get wet?


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  • What I would do, is lay the sensor on a dry sponge. Maybe affix it somehow so it doesn't fall off. place sponge on floor next to the sump pump. This way as water rises and touches the sponge, it floats and the sensor does not submerge, all the while sensing moisture.
  • Or you can connect two wires to the moisture sensor (use alligator clips) and use the bare opposite ends of the wires as the sensor probe. That way you can keep the real sensor in a dry spot and just run the wires into the top of the sump. Keep the two wire ends close together for maximum sensitivity.

    Consider building a probe with two stainless steel screws fastened to something non-conductive, and attach the wires to the screws.
  • I'm thinking (assuming they ever fix the networking issue) of attaching the sensor vertically to my basement wall with the tips of the sensor touching the floor.

    Or getting some Sugru and coating the sensor with it except for the tips of the sensor.

    But I'm not doing anything permanent to it until we they get the box to stay on my network
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