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Dirty Dishes Duty

Just a funny little suggestion that takes advantage of the orientation sensor. My wife and I take turns doing dishes but always seem to forget who did them last. It's an expensive solution, but I could easily see the Twine being sandwiched between two plates, one with my name on top... one with my wife's name on bottom. When I do the dishes, I flip the Twine so her name is visible and a text message is sent to her "Your Turn!" -- when she does the dishes, she flips the Twine so my name is visible and I get the text message. Again, a pricey solution but definitely a good example of how the Twine orientation sensor could be used for tracking purposes.


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  • I might be misunderstanding but it sounds as if you'd be depending on a rotation around a vertical axis as the signal, which isn't a face-to-face rotation of the twine (ie, if you start the side with the 'twine' logo facing out towards the room and with the USB port facing towards the ceiling and keep that port facing the ceiling the entire time even while you spin it so the 'top' with the twine logo is now touching the dishwasher's vertical face, as far as the twine is concerned the back is *always* 'up' to the ceiling, and as such rotating it so that a different face is touching a vertical surface won't impact the fact that 'back is up' and the twine wouldn't send a state change). However, if you clip the twine to a magnet-clip, you can put a sticker on the 'top' face of the twine with the 'bottom' face against the dishwasher door, and then use the 'front' and 'back' method of orientation by spinning it around with the same face always against the dishwasher but with the USB port moving from towards the ceiling to towards the floor. Kind of a 'clean/dirty' magnet idea, and keeps you from having to remove it from the dishwasher or requiring 2 plates.

    If I've missed what you were originally saying, my bad :) If I need to post a picture of what I'm saying as far as axis of rotations and such, let me know and I'll hack one together. I'm working off my usual machine due to the holiday so I don't have all my tools handy!

  • The orientation report states Top or Bottom... that's what I was referring to. When the word TWINE is up, the orientation reports Top. Flip it over and it shows bottom.
  • My bad; I assumed you didn't want the twine just 'sitting on' the counter/dishwasher, etc. I assumed you wanted it mounted to the front :)
  • That's awesome. I'm going to try that!
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