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Waterproof moisture sensor

The moisture sensor sure doesn't look waterproof. It seems natural that a sensor designed to detect water would itself be waterproof...I can't imagine sticking this thing out in my landscaping to detect plants that need water, if the sensor would short out or get corroded by the presence of water.


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  • Just use some Sugru. Pack it around the electronic bits and let it dry. You'll have yourself a waterproof sensor in no time! Note that you should mold the 3.5mm cable into it for it to be truly waterproof. Get some here:
  • It's also worth pointing out that this type of water sensor will only trigger if the contacts are connected by a solid body of water. It will not trigger if it gets splashed. Also, the contacts will corrode fairly quickly in most rain water or salt water.
  • I believe you can build your own sensor contacts and connect them with wires to the twine moisture sensor. Use alligator clips to attach, for testing at least. Any conductive metal that won't corrode in whatever you're measuring should work. This way you can locate the PCB in a dry area.
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