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Do while

It would be nice if you could have a repetitive action. For example, send a text every 5 minutes as long as the magnetic sensor is open.


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  • Isn't that how the "reset" timer sort of works? I.e. if the magnetic sensor is engaged for 0.1 seconds, send a text, and then reset in 5 minutes so if it is still engaged 5 minutes later you get another text?
  • Not exactly. Rules are triggered on the change event, so after it's reset, it will next trigger when the magnetic switch goes from unengaged to engaged.
  • Is that the same for moisture and temperature? For instance, I have a rule that says to trigger when it's below 55 degrees, and to reset after 3600 seconds. Will it then only send me another message if it goes ABOVE 55 degrees? OR will I get one message an hour as long as it's below 55?

    And similarly, I've got it set to email me if the sensor is wet, with a 10-minute delay. Will that only work once unless the sensor goes dry again?

    I'm still unclear on how often the twine updates its status. I've got it set to tell me if the moisture sensor gets wet for more than 2 seconds. But if it only finds out 2 hours later, that's sort of too late.
  • I really don't understand what the reset value means. It seems to do nothing.
  • In theory, if it is working as expected, the rule will not fire twice within that period of time. For instance, if you have a "fire when temp goes below 50 degrees" rule, and the temperature is fluctuating from 49 to 51 and back with some rapidity, then you will not get spammed with lots of texts or emails each time it goes from 50 to 49, but only once within the reset period.
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