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How about an Event log?

I think a listing of the rules that have been executed would be very useful. I'd be able to check back to see if rules were running correctly and have a history of the activity of my Twine.


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  • Event log would be a must for so many projects. Being able to graph out the twine's experience turns it into more than just a trigger or alarm device.

    These days storage is cheap, it's being able to retrieve the data that's the challenge. I'd be happy just pulling raw logs rather than twine building an interface to pull/view data or charts. If supermechanical considers this, please consider doing it quickly as just a .csv, and then adding any other complexity to it later.
  • It would also be helpful as a quick fix if the Twine page would tell you the last status values and when they were sent instead of "Hasn't been heard from." when it falls off the network.
  • William :Yep, great idea, but needs extra Twine server storage, which may be one of the issues with a start-up.
    David: This would be very useful, and would also help with those of us who occasionally log in with IE 9, and then realize we need to use something else.
  • Good idea, but I would like to see logging for events but also when the Twine is pinged by or pings the server so I know if it is working.
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