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Is a waterproof case for use outdoors being developed?

The video on the twine website shows a solid rubbery "twine" that looked a lot more weather resistant than the final shipping product. This severely limits uses outside to know if someone opens a gate, try's to open a door, etc. I will put my twine in a waterproof bag to see if this works while waiting for an official solution... On another note regarding how not to launch a product... the one function I wanted, vibration, is not actually working on the shipping product. not good.


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  • The production Twine is pretty water resistant - it can take a couple of splashes. A ziploc bag works well to protect it when I stick it in the fridge, etc.

    We know it's not ideal not to have all the features in from the beginning, but we'd rather get it right rather than either rush out an incomplete vibration, or make you wait any longer. We'll have a new release in a couple of weeks with that, and more.
  • Any number of waterproof cases out there into which a Twine would fit, and unless you are running cables off it, a baggie works just fine.
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