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Twine, a gadget for monitoring, not action.

So I received my breakout board after more than a year of not being able to thing of anything to be used with Twine. I think my stumbling block is that this toy is for the 'monitoring' side of home automation, not the actual doing part.

Has anything had any luck with working within IFTT?

Has anyone found any sensor scripts that actually do something for them in a meaningful way?

Im trying to think of something more practical than sending myself a message when my home is too dry, etc. I really have no need for break in monitoring, flood insurance, or anything of the things Supermechanical has posted. I got the Twine as a gift, and was welcome to return it, but now I just feel guilty not doing anything real with it, and Supermechanical isnt really doing anything at all to grow this community.
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