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Lack of any response from Supermechanical

Is it just me or are others angry because Supermechanical does not respond to support requests? At all!!  I have sent in two polite requests but no response.  Is there some special tag or word that needs to be used.  I am very frustrated and it is difficut to get me frustrated.


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  • Sadly, I am getting similar silence on an open support ticket I have as well.
  • From what I can tell if you're not buying a range these days they won't answer.
  • I think TWINW is dead to them and maybe to the rest of us. If they can only support one product at a time maybe they need to think about shutting down all together. 
  • I'm not angry. Just disappointed. I get that it can be tough to support two things at the same time but the lack of any communications at all from Supermechanical is a real issue. They're letting themselves down and really damaging their ability to be a viable company going forward. You build a successful new company by keeping happy customers - in return, they buy more of your products because they trust you.

    I was an early Kickstarter supporter. I have 4 Twines with full sensor sets. They're basically glorified remote temperature sensors at the moment.

    I'm pretty much treating the project as dead at the moment. Features that people have been clambering for (such as IFFFT integration) have languished for over a year. Unless I see some motion on a 3.0 release for Twine in the next few months, I'm done. This is a space that's getting competitive. Twine, IMO, have blown much of whatever goodwill and lead they might have had.

    And that's just really sad...

  • Yup, I bought mine specifically for Analog uses thru the breakout board, which remains useless to me.
  • Company is on the brinks of collapse. There server is not updating and tech support is not answering. I have been with this startup a year before the product was released with much fanfare.
    Now the lights are dimming
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