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How to get the MAGSWITCH to work?

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Hi all,

Just got my Twine and Magswitch and am trying to figure out how to set up the Magswitch in my mailbox to alert me when the mailbox door is opened and mail is delivered. I can't quite figure out how the Magswitch works. Any ideas on how to set up something like that?



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  • Never mind...just found the small magnet in the box. Gonna set it up in a bit and get back with results.
  • I was having a problem getting my Magswitch to respond reliably - but eventually realized that the plug was not INSERTED FULLY into the connector(!). Once it was forcefully inserted the switch worked fine. The last portion of the insertion requires more force than the initial 7/8 so don't quit early ;-)
  • Is there anyway to set a time for the magswitch to be active? Meaning during the hours of when I'm in school, have my twine active magswitch and deactivate when I'm in my apartment.
  • No, but you can make a rule that uses orientation to arm your switch, like:
    WHEN magswitch is open AND orientation is top side up THEN email me.

    James, very good point to make. The plug gets tight at the end, but needs to be pushed all the way.
  • I don't see why you would use the mag switch for this at all. Just use the orientation. WHEN orientation changes SEND email.
  • What is the best position/orientation of the magnet in relation to the magswitch board? I'm having trouble finding the right position/location.
  • Trouble finding the right position. Same goes for me.
    Whatever I do Twine is saying magswitch OPEN.
    Anyone able to post a picture of an installation?
  • I had the same issue with my magswitch -- working intermittently or not at all. Finally examined the cable and discovered that it could not be seated fully into the socket without holding it in. Compared the cable to one off another external sensor, and noted that the plug on one end of the magswitch cable looked slightly shorter than the others. I carefully trimmed off some material from the "short plug" with an Xacto knife, so that the exposed plug lengths all matched up, and from then on it worked just fine. Evidently one end had too much cable insulation on it, preventing a solid connection.
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