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Problem with Temperature Monitoring

Is it me or the last change in twine pretty much broke the de-facto temperature monitoring logic?
The logic used to read like this:
WHEN temperature rises above 0...
Trigger after 0 seconds...
Reset 900 seconds after this has been triggered... (900 seconds is 15 minutes, adjust as required.)

The instructions in the webpage support this logic:
How rules work
A rule triggers only at the point when a value is crossed — for example, at the moment that the temperature goes from below 80ºF to above 80ºF.

The "trigger after X seconds" is the amount of time that the condition has to be met (the temperature must stay above 80ºF for X seconds) before it runs the actions.

The "reset" value is the minimum amount of time to wait after the rule has been triggered before it's checked again (remember, it won't trigger until the value is crossed again). It's useful for avoiding multiple notifications within a short amount of time (for example, when you're opening a door a lot).

Now, with the change from "reset" to "untrigger", I tried it and I only got the first report... The problem seems to be with the "untriggering" logic... Since the temperature never falls below 0, it never untriggers so, of course, it never re-triggers either...

Is there a potential workaround for this? I would really like to have an easy way to get an hourly-report of temperature, not just when it goes through a threshold...


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