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Notifications stopped working

Hi folks...

     I've got a Twine doing duty as a remote sump pump monitoring tool.   Its happy connected to the wireless network and the Twine dashboard tells me its checked in regularly.   A couple weeks ago, we changed the batteries and ever since, it seem stop have stopped sending notifications of any sort.   The dashboard looks right... temperature ad orientation look right and the moisture sensor is showing dry.

     I'm using an AllThingsSpeak api call to graph the cycles of the sump pump (simple shake test).. pressing the "test url" button does generate a blip on the graph so I know that part is working.    

     The sump has never NOT run at least once a day in 16 years so I would be astonished if it hasn't really cycled at least once in the last couple weeks.   Notifications are setup to send both an email and graph the incident.

     I did notice that my rules page looks wonky.. I have no idea what "ZLxvleTK" is ...    Any ideas ?



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  • Twine fixed it for me .. gave the unit a kick of some sort and it's up and running again.

    Apparently, it might be tied to having gone into a deep sleep as a result of a powersaving mode and very low batteries.

    Thanks Twine !

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