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replacing batteries is not easy

I know designing a cover for twine is tricky, but the current cover is almost impossible to get off to replace the batteries.  I had to find something to brace the twine on while I carefully held the flexible cover and slowly pulled it down.  While this might be acceptable for a device with a one year or more battery life, my batteries lasted two months (yes, I have it on fast).  Some redesign is needed (and then please send us bleeding edge folks the redesigned covers)


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  • Owning an old VW Bug I have to deal with rubber issues on the side windows. I've found that using a little baby powder on the inside of the cover when you put it back on helps immensely. And it smells nice now, too.

  • I agree. After struggling with mine for months I finally slit it up the side and strapped it back on with big fat elastic band.  After reading all the Kickstarter updates from the Twine people about their epic struggle with injection molding for the cover and can't believe this is what they came up with. It's not supermechanical it's submechanical.
  • Thanks for the tip, Geoffrey. Baby powder works great!
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