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HTTP GET No longer working?

The action I used to send a Prowl alert via their API stopped working yesterday for no apparent reason. Plugging the URL into a web browser still works as it should, but when I hit "Test URL" in the Twine dashboard the button changes to "ERROR". Is this an outage on Supermechanical's side? Very, very frustrating to have this whole setup be so erratic after I thought I found a solid workaround from the slow SMS functionality.


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  • Noticing the same thing, no email, no http.  At least the LED still flashes.
  • I don't feel so bad. Noticing email not working. Was just changing rules and thought I'd done something wrong.
  • It was a problem on our side. We had some server problems as a result of a change on our server as part of testing a new feature, and sending notifications temporarily got locked up. At the same time, our monitoring app that tells us when things aren't working correctly, was also not working correctly, so we didn't catch it right away. The problems have now been fixed.

    Apologies for the inconveniences and for not letting you all know sooner.

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