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Just tell my when my washer is done! Please!

We've had our Twine for many months and I finally found a use for it!  I followed the How-To on setting up Twine to send an email when my washing machine is done.

Put in new batteries, set it to fast....nothing. update needed.  Done.

Monitored the vibration readings of a wash cycle, set up a rules to trigger - start shaking at 125 milli-g sensitivity  after 60 seconds.  Untrigger after being still for 120 seconds.

Opps...battery is dead email sent and oops, the wifi signal meter no longer shows.  (But it shows full battery power???)

Off to buy more AAA batteries.

Start over.

Fresh batteries!  Same battery signal strength showing.

No wifi signal showing on browser window, but seeing vibrations and orientations moving.  Really confused now.

Sent rules to Twine.  Lost Vibration display.

Sent rules again thinking the software got messed up.

Vibration display is back!

Ran machine.

No email.

Held Twine in my hand and manually set the thing off.

No email.

What the heck is going on?  I can't figure out how to use this thing, I can't figure out if the thing is working, it's sending battery dead emails when the display reads a full...I'm so confused.

I'll happily chalk this up to user error, but it doesn't seem like this should be THAT difficult?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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  • You're right, it shouldn't be that difficult!

    A few things here that we'll work on making clearer to avoid confusion in the future: the Wi-Fi signal will only show up when your Twine is in fast mode, so it's normal not to see it; if the battery indicators are full, you can ignore the email (we're reworking when the emails are sent out to be more accurate).

    It looks like your Twine was having some issues staying connected (that would result in notifications not being sent), I'm going to have David send your Twine an update to fix that. Email us at if you continue having problems after the update!
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