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Adding a third rule

I have two rules set up - both for temperature.

I want to add a third, for orientation. I've written it and saved it, but when I next go back to my Dashboard, it's gone. I've been round this cycle three times now and it's a bit frustrating!

What am I doing wrong???


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  • When you click on "Save to Twine", does it give you any feedback?

    If you can send the third rule to, we can look into if it would cause any errors.
  • I get no feed back when I "Save to Twine".

    The rule I want is for the Twine to report - via text and Twitter - when it's been turned over for more than a couple of seconds. I leave it top side up.
  • Can you try refreshing the page when you get stuck and see if it works then? We're working on tracking down this bug.
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