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Vibration rule settings - problem

I am having trouble with vibration rule settings that produce a consistent response. I have mounted the Twine on the inside of my front door and I would like to use the vibration sensor to alert me by email whenever the door is opened. Turning the key registers a 65 milli-g vibration reading and closing the door can register from 150 to 1500 depending on the force used. Could someone please send me their complete rule so that I can replicate for my situation? Thanks.


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  • With those readings, if you set the vibration threshold to 63 milli-gs you should get notifications when you put the key in, and when you close the door. 
    You could set a higher threshold to only get notified when the door closes, or use 63 and under options put an "untrigger" value of a minute or two (based on how long you usually leave the door open) to only get notified when unlocking the door.
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