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Slow slow slow


i am not happy with my Twine becuase it is too slow and to dumb (sorry for that).

1.) Too slow:

- Is there a way to set it permanently to fast?

- Is there a way to set it to slow but to trigger a report via wlan instantly if something is happening? I want to use Twine as an alarm sensor. If vibration >68 mg (e. g. someone is opening my locker ) then send me an e-mail. At the moment a short vibration is not reported because the report intervall is too slow and a short vibration wich begins after the last report and stops before the next report is not recognized.

2.) Too dumb:

If a short trigger is needed you will not get it reported, because of the long report intervalls. Is there a way that an event is stored and reported by the next report? E.g.

Now: Report 1 (no vibration) ==> vibration starts ==> virbration stops ==>  Report 2 (no vibration)

I need: Report 1 (no vibration) ==> vibration starts ==> virbration stops ==>  Report 2 (vibration! because it was stored and send with the next slow report)

I hope you understand what I mean :o)



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  • When your Twine is connected, it will update on the dashboard about every minute and report triggers immediately. 

    It looks like your Twine isn't getting very good reception, try moving it closer to your router, and seeing if that helps. (if you put your Twine in fast mode, you'll be able to see the Wi-Fi reception indicator).

    If that doesn't help, email us at
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