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Twine not working - can't see it in my twine panel

Hello there,

My Twine unity went dead after a few days and i send it back to Supermechanical for replacement. I've just got the replacement unity today.
The question is, what now?

What i did:
- connected new batteries
- the lights blinked (it´s alive!)
- flipped the twine (steady light)
- connected the pc to twine's wifi (\|||Twine)
- first noticed that there was something different: in the page (the one that displays when connected to twine unity) i´ve just got two options (Wireless and Network Configuration & Administrator Settings)...
- I've inserted my wifi settings (it's an access point with Mixed Network enabled. Check.)
- twine light went off
- flipped the device
- nothing happened in the webpage (as i recall the page self reloaded after a while to redirect to the real, so i reloaded the page myself
- now it's the regular page, so i inserted my email/password, and... my twine is not detected.

what now?

It´s been quite a while, i'm feeling frustrated and unlucky over here...

Any help is appreciated... Thanks!

1st screen
2nd screen

3rd screen
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