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Goodbye Twine!

I'm going to return my twine this week. The network connection issues are driving me absolutely crazy. Sometimes the twine connects. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes for a few minutes. Sometimes for a few hours. When it is connected it sometimes sends email notifications. Sometimes to both emails that I have set up. Sometimes to just one. Sometimes the other. Most of the times neither.

10 days ago Chrstine from tech support promised me the the November modem firmware update which is supposed to take care of these connection problems. I wouldn't know since I'm still waiting. And just like the Twine itself customer service has stopped responding to my emails. And while Ive got a lot of patience and good will with new products from small companies I have absolutely zero tolerance for lack of transparency and updates to keep the customer in the loop.

Ayways, I'm very happy that I ordered from Amazon so that my best experience with the Twine will be the hassle free return. Should've listened to all the 1-star review on Amazon. I sure will be adding mine.

Ciao (for now) and good luck you guys!


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  • and yet mine works like a charm. Could you have a dud Twine there with an intermittent hardware issue? Why not get a replacement and try again? Just saying.

  • Quick update: the day I was going to return TWINE that November update was actually pushed to the device. So I decided to give it one more chance. Turns out the update fixed all of my connection problems!

    Hence, I am going to keep my twine now. However, I am still a bit uneasy that you have to beg and plead with customer support for such a substantial update.
  • yes support is quick for new customers after a few months your tech requests will be redponded to weeks later if you are lucky.
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