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Reliability of monitoring vibrations?


what is your impressions on the reliability of the vibration sensor? The twine on our washing machine is not reporting much vibrations...
I'm now adding three twines to the washing machine and will be tracking and plotting the results. Stay tuned for updates!



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  • Here is the result. The twines does not detect the washing machine before an hour after it has started.
    It would be difficult to make a reliable "rule" that detects when the washing machine is complete.
    I would have wished that the twines would detect smaller movements.

  • You must have an exceptionally smooth and quiet washer.  I'm using the Twine bungeed to the exit pipe of my sump pump, and it registers regularly around 500mili-G every time it runs.  My logging program misses some starts and finishes, but I think that's probably the HTML interface, not the Twine itself.

    Try putting the unit on a different location: tape it to the front hatch, or perhaps to the water hose?
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